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About Me

I'm a design professional based in Lamoni Iowa with a background in Digital Cinema (film, animation and cinematography) and Graphic Design (illustration, motion graphics, education).  

My work is inspired by political events and ideologies around the world. I am fascinated by exploring different belief systems around the globe and how they reveal similarities in our human experience.

I'm a recent MFA graduate from the University of Memphis. My thesis in Graphic Design explored the design of ballots in my home country Kenya and made parallels with the implications of the butterfly ballot in the US election between President George Bush and Al Gore in 2000.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

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The Journey to the center of time

I grew up as a gamer! Completely submerged into the virtual worlds and stories that were presented to me. Everything from RPGs to First Person Shooters. I credit some of my growth in English Grammar to my experience with video games!

This was my first attempt as an ode or tribute to video games. A game that I coded called "The Journey to the Center of Time". This game was inspired by the book "Einstein's Dreams" written by Alan Lightman. 

Essentially the game starts at a higher difficulty and progresses to a much slower paced easier difficulty.Alan Lightman describes the center of time as a place where time stands still; a place with an eternity of contentment.


Defining the Effects of Political Party Symbols on Ballots in Kenya and Its Impact on Kenya’s Electoral Process

Design is a huge part of any functional democracy. Many of the most essential forms and documents that connect the government with the citizen are crafted by designers. Good design helps bridge the gap between citizen and government interactions—making them effective and pleasant. Poor design can create a barrier to exercising one’s rights as a citizen. Ballots are one of those official documents; however, they are more essential because they are the only way that the voter can have their voice heard in an election. The purpose of this thesis is to explore the importance of ballot design, the limitations of adjusting ballot design, and ultimately ways in which voter education can overcome poor/inappropriate ballot design. Reviewing case studies in the United States and Kenya reveals different challenges that highlight democracy as an ongoing design problem. As the evolution of ballot design continues, the most efficient way to adjust to changes as a voter is to empower yourself with voter education.

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